Caution Buyer. . .

    • Before purchasing any motor vehicle:
      Make certain that the current owner can provide a valid title for the vehicle
    • Be sure to verify that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) matches the number reflected on the title. This number is typically located on the dashboard on the driver’s side and is usually visible through the windshield.


  • If the VIN numbers do not match, insist that the discrepancy be corrected or do not complete the transaction


Various motor vehicle forms can be downloaded from this web site for your convenience. Additional information may be found at


The Motor Vehicles & Licensing Website 

Motor Vehicle Fees Information

Boat title transfers must be processed in the county of buyer’s residence or dockage of boat. All sellers and buyers must sign the title and their signatures’ notarized. Titles issued before February 2000 only require the signature of the seller and does not require a notary.

Boat Fees Information